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Tell Them Off™ turns the post-breakup storytelling into a competition of who can boast the most, or get the deepest about their ex-perience. Get ready for the ultimate break-up card game, for every emotion you're feeling about your "ex-perience" so you don't break down during your break-up! 

Every time you play a new memory is triggered, providing a new ex-perience....from the relationship things you forgot, to unfortunately, the things you can’t forget. It all adds up to a playful way to allow players to find humor in their past experiences and celebrate the absurdities of relationships. 

NOTE: This game is metaphorically about "telling them off," as we don't encourage confronting your ex with intense emotions. Instead, it's about expressing your thoughts, working through your fellings, and then channeling your energy towards living your best life, in a fun and safe way.

General Game Play:

No Judgment Zone: This game is all about self-expression and connection. Create a safe space where judgment takes a backseat, and empathy takes the wheel.

Share at Your Comfort: Participants are encouraged to share as much or as little as they feel comfortable with. There's no obligation to disclose personal details that you're not ready to discuss.

Positive Vibes Only: Foster an environment of positivity and support. Focus on the uplifting and transformative aspects of the storytelling, steering away from negativity or criticism.

Encourage Empowerment: The goal is to empower each other and learn from the past, turning challenges into opportunities for personal development.

Respect the Pause: Some prompts might hit close to home. Respect each player's comfort level. If someone needs a moment, honor the pause.

Confidentiality Matters: What's shared in the game stays in the game. Respect the privacy of others by keeping the stories and experiences shared during the game within the confines of your playgroup.


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May your futures be filled with growth, laughter, and the sweet revenge of living the good life.  


Take and tell ticket


  1. Draw a Card: At each player's turn, they draw a card from the deck. Each card is packed with prompts, actions, or challenges related to navigating the emotional rollercoaster of a breakup.
  2. Read Aloud: Once you've drawn a card, read the prompt aloud for everyone to hear. This sets the stage for the emotional journey you're about to embark on.
  3. Follow the Prompt: The player then follows the instructions or prompt on the card. Whether it's reflecting on a specific emotion, sharing a personal experience, or engaging in a creative activity, the goal is to explore and express their feelings.
  4. Express Yourself: This is your moment to express your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Don't hold back – the game is designed to encourage genuine and authentic expressions.
  5. Pass It On: Once you've completed your turn, pass the deck to the next player. The cycle continues, providing each participant with an opportunity to engage with the prompts and explore their emotional landscape.

Gossip train ticket

  1. Gather in a Circle: Form a circle with all players participating in the game.
  2. Initial Secret: The first player thinks of a personal secret, experience, or emotion related to relationships or breakups. This will be the initial "gossip."
  3. Whisper to Neighbor: The first player whispers their secret to the person on their right. It's crucial to keep the secret hush-hush!
  4. Pass it On: Each player, in turn, whispers what they heard to the person on their right. The "gossip" travels around the circle.
  5. Last Player Announcement: The last player in the circle announces what they heard out loud. This final revelation is compared to the initial secret.
  6. Compare Secrets: Compare the initial secret with the last player's announcement. Witness the transformation and distortion of the "gossip" as it passed through multiple participants.
  7. Reflect and Laugh: Reflect on how the secret evolved during its journey around the circle. Enjoy the humorous moments and see how communication shapes perceptions.
  8. Rotate Roles: Rotate the starting player for the next round. Everyone gets a chance to initiate the gossip, and the process repeats.

Group therapy ticket

  1. Assemble the Group: Gather a group of players, creating a comfortable and open space for discussion.
  2. Select a Card: One player draws a card from the deck. This card will have a prompt related to emotions, experiences, or actions regarding the breakup.
  3. Read and Reflect: The player whose turn it is draws a card, reads the prompt aloud, and reflects on their own thoughts and experiences based on the topic.
  4. Group Discussion: Open the floor for the group to share their perspectives, advice, or personal anecdotes related to the prompt. Each participant contributes to the collective "therapy" session.
  5. Rotate Turns: After a thorough discussion, rotate turns. Another player draws a card, reads the prompt and the group engages in a new round of therapeutic conversation.
  6. Encourage Empathy: Participants should listen actively and offer empathetic responses. Share experiences that might resonate with others, fostering a supportive environment.
  7. Explore Diverse Perspectives: Embrace the diversity of experiences within the group. Different viewpoints can provide valuable insights and varied approaches to handling post-breakup emotions.


  1. Select the Leader: Choose one player to be the leader for each card round. The leader's role is to read the card prompts and guide the discussion.
  2. Draw a Card: The leader draws a card from the deck. The card will have a prompt related to post-breakup experiences.
  3. Player Turns: Starting with the player to the left of the Leader and moving clockwise, each participant takes a turn responding to the prompt from their personal ex-perience.
  4. Award Points: After each player responds, the group, including the leader, awards points for the most brag-worthy, outrageous, entertaining response, or most in some cases the most moving response. The player with the best response earns a point for that round.
  5. Rotate Leader and Repeat: After everyone has had a turn, the leadership role rotates to the next player. The process is repeated with a new card and new responses.
  6. Accumulate Points: Players accumulate points based on the group's collective judgment of who delivered the most braggadocious or most moving responses.
  7. Worst Ex-perience Wins: The ultimate goal is to win by having the most brag-worthy, over-the-top, comically disastrous, and or most insightful ex-periences. The player with the most points at the end of all rounds wins the title of having the Ultimate Ex-perience.

Freestyle ticket

  1. Invent Your Gameplay: In the Freestyle round, players can put their creative spin on how the game is played.
  2. Craft Unique Rules: As a group, you can come up with your own set of rules or variations to enhance the gameplay. It could involve unique challenges, bonus rounds, or personalized twists.
  3. Personalized Challenges: Players can introduce challenges or actions specific to their version of the game. Get as inventive as you like – the goal is to make the breakup experience even more entertaining.
  4. Share Your Idea: We'd love to hear how you’re playing Tell Them Off. Feel free to share it with the creators at We’d love to add your gameplay to this list and share it with others.


Disclaimer: This game is here for fun and self-reflection. It's not a substitute for professional advice, therapy, or counseling. Seek professional assistance for specific concerns.